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During a decade-long journalism career A. Scot Bolsinger earned more than two dozen awards as a columnist, political reporter and editor. He has published in scholarly journals like The Journal of Psychology and Theology, in major newspapers like The Boston Globe, SF Weekly, and The East Bay Express, and on many website platforms like Legal Newsline, Brass Media, Your Black World and The Motley Fool. He is a contributing writer for Oakland Local and BuiltOregon.

In 2003 Bolsinger was named the editor-in-chief of a 105-year-old newspaper in Oregon on the verge of extinction. He led the Ashland Daily Tidings to a stunning resurgence, earning it the distinguished award for General Excellence as the state’s top newspaper just three years after his arrival. A year later the Tidings’ staff Bolsinger assembled from across the country won a national award for online community building, true forerunners of work that now dominates the media landscape.

Tabbed as an up-and-coming talent within Dow Jones, he was courted by the likes of The Oregonian and The Salt Lake City Tribune for his visionary leadership, before he was arrested in 2008 and served a twenty-month sentence for forgery-related charges and sexual misconduct stemming from a decade-old relationship with a 17-year-old. After being given early release to an aftercare program following successful completion of a treatment program for alcoholism, prosecutors shrewdly found a legal twist in his sentencing agreement to send him back to do the entire sentence all over again.

Following 51 months of incarceration, Bolsinger rebuilt his writing career. He sold stories to national and regional outlets like SF Weekly, the city’s largest alternative weekly publication with a circulation of 65,000, and The East Bay Express, Oakland’s largest alternative weekly publication with a circulation of 55,000. Bolsinger was one of three hand-picked investigative journalists for the Your Black World platform of websites (nearly a dozen in total that reach more than a million viewers a day collectively) owned and operated by Dr. Boyce Watkins, a leading scholar and social commentator within black America.

Committed to ongoing sobriety and community service, Bolsinger built a website dedicated to prison reform (www.criminalu.co) in addition to Effin Artist's blog promoting spirital growth and recovery from addiction. Both reach widely different audiences and broke into the top 50,000 websites in America within their first six months of existence, according to Alexa’s ranking. Bolsinger makes routine guest appearances on various radio and blog programs like 900 WURD, The Prison Show in Houston, Texas, and the African-American History Network. Bolsinger’s inmate training pilot program, “Inside Innovations,” earned the enthusiastic support of the Oregon Prosperity Initiative and Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes, as reported in The Huffington Post.

Scot Bolsinger is an excellent editor. He is a team player, he supports his writers while giving them the space they need to do their own thing, and is generally a pleasure to work with.
— Jennifer Margulis, Author of "The Business of Baby"
Scot’s intuitive people skills allow him to build teams that end up accomplishing far more than anyone would expect. He pushes people to improve without being overbearing and shares the credit when his people succeed. I didn’t always like working for Andrew, but I always knew where I stood and improved significantly as a writer as a result.
— Pete Hahnloser, journalist
Bolsinger addresses a pandemic that society would rather choose to ignore. He gives light for those cast to utter darkness. His work will enlighten and inspire anyone who is blessed to encounter it.
— Halim A. Flowers, SATO Communications
I am so impressed with what you are doing. What a noble thing to do. Your blog should be required reading.
— Fathiyyah Muhammad, Fla.
Your blog has given me great solace.
— Dr. Robert Gallo, NJ
We, as African Americans, appreciate your genuine support to the spirit of the cause.
— Sheryl Murphy

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Activist: With nearly six years of sobrietry behind him, A. Scot Bolsinger remains deeply committed to the 12th step approach to service. Click here to learn more about his interest in prison reform, homeless outreach and acts of kindness.