Twenty years of drinking were like falling through a funnel. Life narrowed. Interests narrowed. Creativity narrowed. Health narrowed, until finally, life poured out the small end completely broken and minimalized. Slowly, by the grace of God, life expanded again. Much of it had to do with my long buried creative, artistic mind.

Effin Artist represents expansive life, not narrowed life. Sober life, not addicted life. Creation over destruction. Beauty over consumption. The bottle gives way to the canvas so God can start again ... or some such thing. Effin Artist is a community of spiritual sojourners and storytellers, who simply share those moments when we say in harmony with our Creator, “I’m an Effin Artist, man!”



Over a decade-long career in the newspaper industry, A. Scot Bolsinger earned more than two dozen awards as a columnist, political reporter and editor. He has experienced the highs of critical and professional success and the lows of alcoholism, financial ruin and a scandalous prison term. He now enjoys a vibrant career as a writer, author, editor and writing coach.

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For the past twenty years, A. Scot Bolsinger has been writing both fiction and non-fiction books with a similar theme: all focused on the transformation of the human spirit. New projects under development include a spiritual memoir, a new novel, a return of the characters of  If Pennies Could Talk and an investigative look from inside two failed institutions Bolsinger called home: newsrooms and prisons.

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A. Scot and Lori Bolsinger launched Effin Artist and the Bride's blog after both got sober, lost weight and rediscovered the God of their youth. They routinely write about food, holistic medicine, spirituality, service, healthy living, sobriety, exercise, cravings, the San Francisco Giants and virtually anything from the city they love.  It's a husband and wife view of life in all its normalcy.

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